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Team Spotlight: Susan

Having come from a family of educators, Susan’s work for FORA feels like a natural progression of the education work she has always been surrounded by and has now dedicated much of her life to. Susan has a wide range of teaching experiences, from leading a beloved homeschool for her children in the summers, to tutoring for the Math GED and army entrance exam, to tutoring high school math at the alternative high school in her county, and tutoring for for Hope Takes Action, an organization that provides education services to help break the cycle of poverty. Susan says that what she loves most about tutoring is when she sees her student’s eyes light up when they understand a concept, and how it helps them to see themselves differently, knowing that they can actually do it. Additionally, Susan finds that a rewarding aspect of her teaching career has been staying in touch with the students she has worked with, and getting to see the progress they make. In her free time, Susan loves reading and watching college football (in particular the Michigan Wolverines).

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