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By: Helen Mancini//

Nicola (she/her) is a new tutor here at FORA! She is currently a first generation college student at Claremont Mckenna college, studying in psychology and philosophy. As a child, Nicola immigrated from Poland to Chiago, where she has lived for the majority of her life. Because of this, she feels passionate about causes related to immigration and enjoys contributing to multicultural initiatives such as FORA.

Before working with FORA, Nicola volunteered at food pantries in her community and organized an anti-racist coalition during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement in the Chicago midway area. Through her study of psychology in college, Nicola also volunteered at an Autism center where she gained experience working with children before coming to FORA.

Nicola learned about FORA through the website, Handshake, while looking for things to do for the summer. She was interested in FORA’s work, and felt it would be a productive use of her time. Nicola also feels passionate about supporting the Chicago area, as it means a lot to her. Refugee education also matters to Nicola because her best friend is a refugee, and she wants to empower other refugees.

Though she is new to FORA, Nicola has enjoyed the little victories that happen everyday while working with the kids. Seeing them interact, feel excited about new topics, and get questions correct is inspiring to Nicola.

When asked about what brings joy into her life, Nicola listed the “cultural avenues of music, film, literature.” Her favorites include, the book: the Master and Margarita, the artist: Blonde Redhead, and the flim: Before Sunrise. Besides enjoying the creativity of others, Nicola brings art into her own life through playing the bass and the guitar as well as cooking new dishes.

“FORA is an amazing organization. I have never seen one like it. In how they care for the students, invest in their education… It is very supportive.” - Nicola

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