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Opportunities Open for Application:


In-Person Volunteer Tutors

We are currently accepting applications for fall in-person tutors available weekdays from 7-9pm CT! If you are interested, click here to fill out an application. In-Person tutors must commit to tutoring for at least four hours per week for sixteen weeks at our empowerment center in the West Ridge neighborhood of Chicago.  All in-person tutors must undergo a background check, and there are no age restrictions for in-person tutors.

Loyola and NEIU Work-Study Education Fellowship


Students from Loyola and NEIU are encouraged to apply for FORA's Work Study fellowships! All Work Study roles take places in-person and must commit to tutoring at least four hours per week for sixteen weeks. We are currently looking for eligible Work-Study individuals who are available weekdays from 7-9pm CT. 


Click here to visit FORA's Work-Study information and application page!

FORA will be closed on the following dates: 

  • October 10th and 11th in recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day

  • November 21st - 24th for the Thanksgiving break

  • December 23rd - January 6th as an end of year break