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Team Spotlight: Rhea

By Adrianna Nehme, Communications Assistant

“I personally believe knowledge is one of life's greatest gifts, so being able to pass on some of my knowledge to someone else makes me feel really grateful. Tutoring refugees in itself is a very fulfilling opportunity, and creating such a close bond with my student definitely makes it worthwhile.” —Rhea

Rhea's volunteer experience began in high school where she worked with various organizations, and when she entered college, most of her volunteer work consisted of being a first responder at a rescue squad. When the pandemic began, she looked for more ways to give back to her community and found FORA through an online search.

When coming to volunteer each day, Rhea looks forward to working with her student and the conversations that they each have at the beginning of each session. She mentions how her student can be challenging but never fails to make her laugh (they even have inside jokes now). She believes that creating such a close bond with her student has been the highlight of her experience.

In Rhea's free time, she loves to sing, especially opera music. She has been classically trained for 6 years. For those who would like to volunteer in the future, she emphasizes the patience it will require. She mentions that sometimes a student may be difficult — however, it is important to never give up on them.

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