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Team Spotlight: Rebecca

By Caroline Mancini //

Rebecca began volunteering in college through various service-based immersions during her

breaks. Her volunteer opportunities have allowed her to travel across the country, from working with a Jesuit organization in the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee to volunteering at on a Native American reservation in South Dakota.

“I really like working with different populations of people, which is why FORA excited me

because I have never worked with refugees before, but I have a lot of respect for them, and I

wanted to be able to work with them and learn more about FORA’s mission.” --Rebecca

In her free time, Rebecca loves spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys

making connections with new people and learning about their lives. Rebecca learned about

FORA through a college campus email about summer internship opportunities. After learning more about FORA, she was immediately drawn to the program and emailed to join the summer internship program. Though never having formally tutored before, Rebecca was familiar with working with children and was excited to try something new. When coming to volunteer at FORA each day, Rebecca looks forward to doing new activities and getting to know different kids. She likes the versatility of what she can do during the day and likes that she can move through various activities with the kids.

“I think it is awesome to be working with one organization that is fairly new but already has

attracted so many people. Everyone who works here really wants to be here and be a part of

helping every student as much as we can, which I think is really great.” --Rebecca

Rebecca enjoys working with children of any population and can see herself further down the

line, possibly returning to this area of work. Rebecca’s advice to anyone interested in volunteering at FORA is to come in with an open mind and be adaptable in different situations. If your student isn’t having a good time with something you are doing it is important to take the lead, guiding your student through the activity by helping them navigate more complex problems.

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