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By: Michaela Jaeger//

Anushka Nanda is one of FORA’s new tutors this summer! Anushka is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and is now a rising junior at Loyola University in Chicago. Anushka is majoring in Environmental Sciences and minoring in Biology, Women and Gender Studies, and Nonprofit Management. In her free time, Anushka loves spending time with animals, going outside, and listening to music.

Prior to FORA, Anushka volunteered with Girls Scouts when she was younger and continued to volunteer in high school doing work in social justice, advocacy, and activism. In her senior year of high school, she founded a club to continue this work and involve more people! Anushka got involved with FORA through the Gannon Scholars Leadership Program at Loyola University where they learn about and do work with social justice issues and gender inequality. She found out about FORA through a newsletter related to the program that contained a section on FORA. Anushka read the section and instantly thought FORA would be a great fit for her.

Anushka believes that education is very important and believes that, especially for refugee kids who have been through so much, education can give them tools to understand, succeed, and live the best life they can.

Anushka has only been at FORA for a couple of weeks but has had the same students every day and has had a lot of great memories with them! She shared that her best memory at FORA happened today when one of her students, who did not speak English prior to coming for FORA and never received a formal education, read a book almost entirely by herself! Anushka loves watching her students' continued excitement about learning and their progression. Anushka also shared that she loves “seeing the students engaged and excited to learn because of the trust and support system they have with their tutor.” Anushka is loving FORA and can’t wait for the rest of the summer!

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