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Team Spotlight: Grace

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

By: Vivi Halbower//

Grace is from Washington DC and began volunteering at FORA two weeks ago, but even before then she has always emphasized the importance of community service. Before coming to FORA, Grace volunteered at several service organizations provided by her old school in eSwatini (formally Swaziland). She also tutored at preschools and national carepoints for 4 years. When Grace learned about FORA through a family member, she was instantly drawn to it and was excited to start volunteering.

Grace’s favorite part of FORA is the kids she works with. She loves the excitement they bring everyday and always enjoys interacting with them. For Grace, the most rewarding thing is seeing their progress, and she is so proud of how much they have learned. A couple of weeks ago, students had end-of-year testing and she states “to see the progress that these kids made, it’s incredible.”

In her free time Grace plays soccer and enjoys putting her own twist on new baking recipes she finds.

She encourages people who are considering volunteering to go for it. “It’s a really, really fun and rewarding experience.”

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