Veronica Godina, Tutor

By Adrianna Nehme, Communications Assistant

It may seem hard at first, both for you and your student. Make an effort to connect with your student. You'll become like a mentor or older sibling to them and it makes the experience much more meaningful.” —Veronica

Veronica, a math and reading tutor for FORA, has been volunteering as an ESL instructor since 7th grade. She learned about FORA through her school, and while hesitant to join at first, she committed because she realized the students want to learn and put in the effort. This was especially clear after she first met her tutee.

When volunteering each day, Veronica looks forward to listening to her tutees' stories that include topics like what they ate for lunch or life in their home country. She encourages them to tell stories of their past and teach her words in their language, and in return, she shares her own culture and language. So far, the highlight of her experience has been seeing her students make so much progress. In her free time, Veronica loves learning languages to be able to communicate with more people.


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