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By: Michaela Jaeger//

Sydney Rubin is a new tutor with FORA this summer! Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, Sydney is a rising senior at Northwestern University where she is double majoring in Social Policy and Psychology.

Before Sydney joined FORA, she volunteered at a children’s therapy clinic in Chicago working with pre-schoolers with varying developmental needs. Sydney found out about FORA through a Northwestern newsletter and was immediately excited. After engrossing herself in the website, she loved the sentiment and passion that everyone shared about the work and quickly applied. When discussing the importance of education, Sydney said, “a lot of the most meaningful connections and relationships I’ve had in my life have been with my educators, who have given me confidence and helped me develop skills and passions that I didn’t even know that I had. That’s something really special that every child deserves to experience”.

While Sydney has only been at FORA for a couple of days, she has loved seeing how eager the students are to learn and put in the extra effort to engage with material in a way that is exciting and joyful to them. Sydney also loves reading with the students and watching them bring the stories to life.

Outside of FORA, Sydney is on the Northwestern Mock Trial Team and during her free time she loves baking, playing the guitar, reading, playing games, and spending time on the lake! Sydney is super excited to continue tutoring this summer!

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