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Team Spotlight: Sheyla

By Freskida Sejdiu //

Welcome to one of our new tutors this summer: Sheyla (they/she)! Sheyla was born in Chicago, but partially raised in Mexico. They’re a rising junior at Northwestern University in the school of engineering, and are really interested in pursuing design for the public good and adolescents (toys, playgrounds, museums, etc)—which is why she’s excited to begin to pursue that interest by tutoring with FORA!

Sheyla grew up tutoring their siblings, but will be continuing this service with FORA, in part due to the hardships they witnessed firsthand in proximity to ESL programs in schools. They also volunteered as an in-person translator for Spanish speaking individuals at open houses, jump starting their interest in the service involved with language acquisition.

In their free time, Sheyla is learning how to crochet and loves to knit and make their own skirts. She works in theatre on sound design and loves media in the horror genre (comics and WEBTOON, namely).

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