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Team Spotlight: Noah

“In the midst of Coronavirus, with education disparities being at the forefront of issues for countless students across the U.S., I wanted to help bridge the gap in any way possible. As I read more into what FORA represents and how they operate, I was amazed by the impact the organization can and will have on many refugee students and family to come.” —Noah

Noah is the founder and president of an organization on Elon University’s campus called Central American Service Learning, working with From Houses to Homes, a non-profit institution based in Guatemala to build housing for families in need. He joined FORA as a tutor after learning of the organization through a mutual connection with FORA’s Operations Office Michael O’Connor, and he has been impressed this summer by his student’s engagement and drive to learn. One particularly fond memory Noah describes is “Before a meeting in July, I received an email [from my student] an hour early asking if I could meet soon. I responded, assuming he had a conflict later in the day, but when I entered the call and asked him, ‘do you have to leave early?’ he simply stated, ‘Nope, I just wanted to learn more.’”

Noah always looks forward to seeing his student make progress during their sessions. “My student’s improvement and daily attitude makes me want to improve just as much as he does, in becoming a better tutor,” Noah said.

In his free time, Noah enjoys being active and adventuring, and he is currently in the process of applying for a Fulbright scholarship based in Mexico for this coming year.

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