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Team Spotlight: Nireet

“Each day is a new opportunity for both myself and my student to learn! I look forward to tutoring each day because I enjoy watching my student tackle the challenges we face throughout tutoring and growing from them. I also never fail to learn something new from my student each day through tutoring, so it makes every day exciting!” —Nireet

After getting her start with volunteering by tutoring at a children’s hospital the past few years, Nireet wanted to continue but needed to turn to online opportunities as a result of the pandemic. She supported FORA’s mission and felt that after having been so fortunate to have had so many educational opportunities, she wanted to give back by providing educational resources to those in need. In terms of what recommendation she has for future FORA volunteers, Nireet says “everyone should work with just getting comfortable with their students first and learning about them as a person. Once you're able to make a connection with them it's easier to relate the things you're learning together to both of your lives, making it more applicable for them while also keeping them interested in the material.”

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