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By: Michaela Jaeger//

Nate Sommer is a new tutor this summer from Terre Haute, Indiana! Nate is a rising senior at Bates College where he is studying economics. Nate also has an interest in education and has teaching experience prior to FORA. This love for teaching inspired Nate to join FORA. At Bates College, Nate taught classes as a teaching assistant. At the high school near Bates College, he also teaches English and math to students who have immigrated from Ethiopia and Somalia. His work with those refugee students also inspired him to join FORA.

Nate started a FORA at the beginning of the summer session and is having a great time so far. Nate learned about FORA through the app Handshake. He then did some further research about FORA and quickly applied. Nate wanted to find work that was purposeful and empowering and was able to find this at FORA. He finds this work important because he believes that everyone deserves an equal education and that everyone should have access to it. While has only been working at FORA for a week, Nates says he loves when he sees “a kid get excited about something that they did right or something they’ve just learned” or “when they come in excited to talk to [him] as not just a tutor but someone they put their trust in.”

In Nate’s free time, he loves to spend time outdoors, hiking, climbing, and going to the beach. He also likes to read and exercise. Nate is having a great time at FORA and looks forward to the rest of the summer!

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