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Team Spotlight: Jonathan

By Adrianna Nehme, Communications Assistant

“Many years down the line, I would love to eventually open up a free health clinic. I'd love to partner with organizations like FORA to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for refugees in my community!” —Jonathan

Jonathan currently volunteers with Miracle Youth, an organization that helps bridge the education gap in low-income areas in Los Angeles, California, where he helps create and teach a STEM-based curriculum to elementary students. He is also a volunteer at a free medical clinic in his area. He learned about FORA after searching for ways to volunteer during the pandemic, and he valued FORA's commitment to helping refugee students continue their education during these unprecedented times.

When coming to volunteer each day, Jonathan looks forward to the excitement his student feels when learning something new. So far, the highlight of his experience has been the entire process. He loves working with students and observing their progress over time.

One of Jonathan’s biggest joys in life is helping others through activities and hobbies that he is passionate about, such as education, medicine, and sports. In his free time, he loves to travel, hike, visit national parks, run, and take photographs. For those who would like to volunteer in the future, he recommends not to shy away from reaching out and asking questions.

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