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Team Spotlight: Farah

By Adrianna Nehme, Communications Assistant

“If anyone reading this is on the fence about becoming a volunteer, this is

a sign that you should definitely go for it! True empowerment is in cultivating a proverbial 'toolkit' with which to approach life! By teaching lifelong skills, you are empowering others in one of the most meaningful ways possible.” —Farah

Farah has had the opportunity to volunteer at various institutions for more than a decade, including the Avery Coonley School, the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Muslim Leadership Academy at the Islamic Foundation of Villa Park, and many Interfaith community unification endeavors between Muslim, Christian and Jewish places of worship. She also served on the board for the USA branch of the Hunar Foundation, and through the Islamic Council of North America, she mentored and learned from survivors of domestic violence. Farah’s fundraising work at the Human Development Foundation and the Viator House has greatly enriched her interpersonal experience. After finding FORA through a friend, Farah thought this organization aligned well with her interest to empower other members of the community.

When coming to volunteer each day, Farah looks forward to hearing her student's questions. She finds that her student's curiosity and passion for learning, along with her persistence and emotional maturity, make volunteering a joy. The highlight of Farah's experience was when her student called out her name as she joined the Zoom call to support her at a summer debate camp ceremony.

In her free time, Farah is busy taking care of her four kids, and some of her favorite moments are when she is surrounded by her friends and family. She plans to continue to volunteer with FORA in the future.

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