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Team Spotlight: Dominic

By Adrianna Nehme, Communications Assistant

Dominic began volunteering in elementary and middle school where he was encouraged to manage a church garden and spread seeds in a park. He later took more opportunities to volunteer in San Francisco, where he worked with students at an elementary school, worked at a food bank, and served food at a church. Additionally, he volunteered as a camp counselor for his old preschool and continued to tutor students.

Dominic learned about FORA through his father and decided to commit to it because it allowed him to impact the world positively during a challenging time. Additionally, FORA aligned with his joy of tutoring and teaching. He looks forward to seeing the smiles on his tutee's faces when completing a difficult task, and he also enjoys hearing about their days and ideas. A highlight of his experience was when his tutee began to understand places values, and learned to organize numbers and compare inequalities.

In his free time, Dominic enjoys reading, learning more about the world, and traveling. He runs cross country and track & field and also debates for his school's program.

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