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Team Spotlight: Colleen

By Adrianna Nehme, Communications Assistant

“I feel that FORA is like a modern day settlement house, wanting to improve the lives of these refugees, educationally, socially, and help build a brighter future economically.”

— Colleen

After retiring from her previous job as a Nurse Practitioner, Colleen began her journey volunteering with FORA after she attended a workshop and discovered the organization's need for tutors. She values the presence of the staff and other volunteers, as they offer a genuine commitment to improving the lives of their students. Since the pandemic, Colleen has reminisced on the times where she was able to “wrap [the children] up and hug each one,” as she emphasizes the importance of the children to her.

Colleen hopes to continue working with immigrants and refugees in the future, since she has enjoyed getting to learn from their different cultures and stories. In her free time, Colleen enjoys reading and is currently waiting until she is able to view plays, walk through the Art Institute, experience live music, and visit her friends again. She would like to add that she truly loves her family and is so lucky to have the support of her wonderful husband and son.

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