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FORA's Spring 2021 Youth Advisory Board

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

With the expansion this year to virtual tutoring, young tutors from across the country have been able to play a huge role in FORA, which led to the creation of the Youth Advisory Board. The team is made up of 10 tutors across 8th-12th grade, and across the country, who are committed to empowering refugees through education.

All of our members are committed to continuing to improve FORA and working to make structural contributions by bringing a new perspective to the organization. We meet every two weeks, and our goal is also to empower the students and create a sense of community even with virtual learning. The board is led by Presidents Maya Wu and Thomas O’Connor and Vice-President Julia Lanter. The rest of the board is composed of Secretary/Treasurer Elia Ton That, and members Lulu Ton That, Clare O’Connor, Daniel O’Connor, Henry Miller, and Alyssa Wiener. Also on the board as advisors/supervisors are Samiha Syed and Lauren Kearns.

Our current project is on making a group meeting for some of our beloved tutees to celebrate World Refugee Day (upcoming in June). We have three wonderful programs planned to help engage the kids as a reward for all the hard work they have done this winter and spring. FORA strives to help them with their math and reading skills, but we know that sometimes a smile and time with peers is worth just as much.

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