FORA Awarded Grants from Annenberg Foundation

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

We at FORA have so much to be grateful for, and this past week that list got even longer, as we received our first ever grants. The world-renowned Annenberg Foundation recognized the importance of what we do at FORA, and the leaders of two of its initiatives, the Metabolic Studio and GRoW at Annenberg, made the decision to generously support our organization.

We could not possibly be more grateful for this support, as it comes at such a crucial moment. As you may have heard, in the past week an Executive Order was signed to tremendously expand the United States' refugee admissions in the upcoming fiscal year, which begins this October. As such, we are expecting many newcomers in our neighborhoods in the coming years, and we want to be ready to robustly welcome them.

We are especially excited about working with GRoW and the Metabolic Studio because they stand for the same things that we at FORA stand for. GRoW's core beliefs are "that every person deserves respect, dignity, and access to opportunities to achieve his or her own greatest potential," and the Metabolic Studio emphasizes and celebrates human interconnectedness. Meanwhile, the Annenberg Foundation's overarching mission is to "advance public well-being, spark new ideas, and spread knowledge." We are so excited for the opportunities that GRoW and the Metabolic Studio have given us through these grants, to continue spreading access to a robust education, and in doing so making Chicago a city where refugees can thrive.

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