Carolyn, Tutor

By Adrianna Nehme, Communications Assistant

“At a time when possibilities were shrinking as a consequence of the COVID-19 restrictions, FORA’s online tutoring offered both a way to broaden my horizons and to work with others.” — Carolyn

Carolyn began volunteering in college with younger students and has continued even after retiring as a teacher. She learned about FORA through an announcement in her congregation's website, and when coming to volunteer each day, she looks forward to the challenges that she will overcome.

Carolyn is constantly thinking about what she can do better by forming questions of what worked and what didn’t, and the highlight of her experience has been having the opportunity to connect with her student and learning more about him and his interests. For those who would like to volunteer in the future, she recommends being consistent with expectations while modeling the type of behaviors that are expected in return.


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